New Lit Mag Inspires Dialogue Between Writers, Artists

by Staff

According to Kelley, a parallel goal of the biannual journal is to examine the influence of urban environments on the creative process. Each issue will feature an essay that explores the relationship between the artist and the city. Architect Jason Danziger contributed an essay about personal monuments in Berlin to the first issue of CROWD.

"We're mostly printing work that directly addresses the use of multiple genres-we're not just putting photos next to poems; we're printing work that embodies genre-crossovers," Kelley says. "CROWD sets itself apart by focusing on writing that confronts and originates from urban places, where genres tend to overlap almost excessively."

CROWD is printed by Westcan-the same Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company that prints Fence-and is distributed by Ingram Periodicals and Berhard DeBoer.

For more information about CROWD, write to Aimee Kelley and Lily Saint at 119 North 11th Street, #1A, Brooklyn, NY 11211; or visit the Web site at