New iPhone Reader to Offer Over a Million Books

by Staff

ScrollMotion, a developer of applications for Apple's iPhone, announced yesterday that it will release a new digital book reader for the device that will offer users a more comprehensive reading experience. The Iceberg reader 3.0, which will launch this summer with the next generation of the iPhone, will offer over one million books, as well as subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, that can be purchased and downloaded within the application itself, as opposed to linking to an outside retailer.

While Iceberg will price titles at $9.99, higher than rival app Stanza's average, according to Darrell Etherington of the Apple Blog, the number of its offerings is a draw, as well as the purchase function that allows users to pay for items using their iTunes accounts.

"The sheer volume of content it seems to be bringing to the platform definitely excites me as a reader," Etherington said of Iceberg. "I want choices, and I want them in one place, easily accessible without a lot of switching stores and digging around."

The new reader will also offer a bookshelf feature that allows users to view covers of purchased titles on virtual shelves, an updated book navigation function, and the ability to copy and paste selections of text to e-mail messages—an option that is made possible by advancements in the iPhone 3G S, which will go on sale later this month.