May/June 2001

Our cover story is a profile of Chuck Palahniuk, whose fourth novel, Choke, explores faith, sex, and compulsion in the modern age with the author's signature razor-sharp wit.


Julianna Baggott: How to Be the Next Big Thing

by Joanna Smith Rakoff
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A profile of poet Julianna Baggott.

Chuck Palahniuk: Choke Hold on the Zeitgeist

by Frank Bures
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A profile of Chuck Palahniuk.

Writing as a Healing Art

Recovering Your Silenced Voice

by John Fox
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Poetry and healing workshops.

Poetry in Prisons: Part Two

by Lauren Otis
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A profile of the Hispanic Americans for Progress poetry workshops at New Jersey State Prison.

Poetry in Prisons: Part One

by Janine Pommy Vega
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A profile of the Harvest Moon Collective, a writing workshop group in an upstate NY prison, and the facility's accompanying visiting writers series.

Creativity and the Importance of Fourth Grade

by Kristin Prevallet
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Teaching young people poetry and expository writing through Teachers and Writers Collaborative.

How Telling Our Stories Transforms Our Lives

by Louise DeSalvo
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Writing to heal from traumatic experiences.

Frances Driscoll and The Rape Poems

by Felicia Mitchell
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Profile of Frances Driscoll, poet and rape survivor.

Literary Life-Writing in the 20th Century

by Suzette Henke
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"Scriptotherapy" or autobiographical writing as a form of therapy.

Goddard's Transformative Language Arts Program

by Joe Miller
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A program at Goddard College in Vermont combines creative writing, teaching, and therapy.

News and Trends

BOA Celebrates 25 Years of Books

by Kevin Larimer
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An anniversary for the small poetry press founded by Al Poulin, Jr.

New Rivers Press Suffers Great Loss

by Jodie Ahern
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Minnesota's oldest literary nonprofit publisher suffers financial hardship and the death of its founder, Bill Truesdale.

Well Versed in Medicine

by Lori Isbell
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The physicians of Bellevue Hospital and the Department of Medicine at New York University debut their Bellevue Literary Review.

Fair Showcases Literary Magazines

by Staff
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The Literary Magazine Fair in New York City showcases the array of journals being published today.

The Practical Writer

Poet as Rock Star: How to Slam Your Way Across America

by R. Eirik Ott
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Self-promotion on the poetry slam scene.

Agents and the Internet: A Guide to Finding Who's Right for You

by Todd James Pierce
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The creator of the Web site Literary Agents on the Web gives advice on how to meet your match.

The Literary Life

The Trouble With Titles: A Novelist on the Name Game

by Nicholas Weinstock
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The importance of coming up with a decent book title.

The Expatriate Writer in Paris: Revising the Myth

by Ethan Gilsdorf
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American expat in Paris separates fiction from fact.