May/June 1999

May/June 1999

Our cover story is a profile of writing couple Robert Wrigley, author of five poetry collections, and memoirist Kim Barnes, whose forthcoming memoir Hungry for the World continues the story of her first book, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in autobiography. 

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Writing Their Way Home: An Interview With Kim Barnes and Robert Wrigley

by Buddy Levy
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An profile of writers Kim Barnes and Robert Wrigley.

Practitioner of a Dangerous Profession: A Conversation With Frederick Busch

by Charlotte Zoë Walker
Print Only

A profile of Frederick Busch.

A Celebration of California Independents

Black Sparrow Press: Bukowski Was Just the First

by Justin Martin
Print Only

Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin publishes only what he likes.

Sun & Moon Press: Dedicated to the Experimental

by Barbara DeMarco Barrett
Print Only

The projects that Sun & Moon Press owner Douglas Messerli takes on are those that most major publishers run away from.

Papier-Mache Press: One Woman Working So Many Can Speak

by Carol Schwalberg
Print Only

A publisher finds surprising success with a series of anthologies.

Small Press Distribution: Getting Books to Readers

by Brian Bouldrey
Print Only

On book distribution.

News and Trends

Academy Restructures Its Board of Chancellors

by Mary Gannon
Print Only

The Academy of American Poets responds to racism charge with restructuring.

Ecco Press to Join HarperCollins

by Jim Andrews
Print Only

Independent outfit Ecco becomes an imprint of HarperCollins

Incommunicado Press Moves to New York City

by Lauren Sanders
Print Only

A San Diego–based alternative press puts up shop in the Lower East Side.

Two California Imprints Start Up

by Christina Davis
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The formation of two California imprints suggests a subtle challenge to the East Coast's stronghold on American publishing.

The Practical Writer

Getting Some Work Done: Soapstone Writers Retreat for Women

by Sara Jameson
Print Only

Soapstone affirms that women's writing is of vital importance to our culture.

Amy Holman's Tough-Love Guide to Publishing: Agents and Fees—Now You Know

by Amy Holman
Print Only

Information on what a writer's relationship with an agent should be.

The Literary Life

Poet as Private Eye: Confidential Research

by Jeffrey Skinner
Print Only

A former private detective finds similar work in the making of poems.

Writing Through Rejection: 12 Step Advice for Serial Quitters

by Elizabeth Mosier
Print Only

In the face of rejection, ambition, pride, and humility are worthless; passion and belief are the steam that can help a writer keep going.