May/June 1991

Best-selling author John Irving discusses his life, his work, and writing through obsessions.


In Search of the Present

by Octavio Paz
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Mexico's renowned poet accepts the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature—an excerpt from Octavio Paz's Nobel Lecture.

Advice to the Prizelorn

by Nancy Mairs
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"Know the rules, know your craft, know your audience." Judge and writer Nancy Mairs offers advice for entering writing contests.

An Interview with John Irving

by David Stanton
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"I think you do write about your own obsessions in a way that you hope may purge you of them." The best-selling author discusses his life and work.

Creative Teaching for Creative Writers

by Stephen Minot
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Passive mediators or friendly critics? What students have a right to expect in writing classes, and why.

In Our Own Write—Building a Lesbian and Gay Writers' Community

by Paula Martinac
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A Greenwich Village nonprofit organization and writer work together to start monthly reading series.

On Form and Formalism

by John Frederick Nims
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Thoughts on the relationship between poetic shape and content.

Flyfishing at the Bookfair

by Harald Wyndham
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"Only a fishing trip or a bookfair could motivate me to get up this early." A day in the life of a small press publisher.

Endeavor—Live Voices from Death Row

by Holly Metz
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The men and women of Texas's death row struggle against silence by creating and publishing their own prison journal.

Our Sacred Objects

by Vince Clemente
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In search of the onor in honorariums—a short reflection.

News and Trends

North Point Press Ceases Front-List Publishing

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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A leading independent publisher announces that it will stop issuing new titles.