Margery Hannah, Stony Brook Southampton


My predominate consideration in MFA program choice was curriculum. My goal is to graduate with a publishable, quality novel; therefore, programs steeped in academic scholarship were not considered. At the end of the day writing creatively involves time and space. Although some say geographical location should never be considered when applying to graduate school, I know opportunity often manifests itself in specific hubs; therefore, the majority of my applications were sent to the northeast region of the country. Faculty was considered on a lesser scale; I am aware the best writers are not necessarily the best teachers. However, because I am a minority from the Midwest, I wanted a program that is diverse or at least offers staff appreciative of different writing aesthetics. More so than the credentials of faculty, I factored in the publishing rate of students. How will the program help me become published? Lastly, I applied to programs meeting the above requirements that offered an application fee waiver for McNair Scholars.