March/April 1999

March/April 1999

Rick Moody, author of the novel Purple America, discusses dark humor, bright angels and quantum leaps.

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Moody Indigo: A Profile of the Author of Purple America, Rick Moody

by John Frederick Moore
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An interview with Rick Moody.

Moody on Dark Humor, Bright Angels, and Quantum Leaps: Q&A

by Fran Dilustro Gordon
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A short interview with Rick Moody.

Conferences and Residencies

Bread Loaf: A Literary Tradition

by Heidi Julavits
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Inside the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference.

Finding the Frost Place

by Courtney Cook Williamson
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Inside the Frost Place in New Hampshire.

Sewanee: Southern Comfort

by Erin McGraw
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Inside the Sewanee Writers' Conference in Tennesee.

Pudding House: Midwest Treat

by Nina E. Rose-Kay
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Inside the Pudding House Writers' Resource Center and Library.

Sand Island Sojourn

by Judith Strasser
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Inside the Wellish Cabin Writers' Residency in Wisconsin.

My First Writers Conference

by Rick Bass
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Bass recalls his first conference "in the mountains of Utah."

Squaw Valley: California Dreaming

by Molly Fisk
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Inside the Squaw Valley Community of Writers in California.

News and Trends

Barnes & Noble to Buy Ingram

by Dana Goodyear
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The major bookseller's potential acquisition of Ingram Book Group, the nation's biggest book distributor.

Chinese Poet Jailed for Subversion

by Theresa Kimm
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Poet Ma Zhe charged with subversion and jailed by Chinese government.

Study Links Angst to Creativity

by Silja J. A. Talvi
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Study on emotional stability and creativity.

Alternative Press Rocks On

by Lauren Sanders
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Akashic Books, alternative press with urban sensibility.

The Practical Writer

The Great Audience Development Conspiracy: Peddling Literature's Addictive Charms

by Susan Sully
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Public and private art funders try to promote reading.

Tax Tips for Writers: Save All Receipts...And Your Diary

by Juda Kallus
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Tax deductions and preparation for the literary set.

Amy Holman's Tough-Love Guide to Publishing: Subsidy Publishing—Don't Buy It

by Amy Holman
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Writers shouldn't have to pay for publication upfront.

The Literary Life

Why I Write: A Backward Glance at a Lifelong Love

by Robert Phillips
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Poet and writer Robert Phillips examines his reason for writing.

Always Living in Spanish: Recovering the Familiar, Through Language

by Marjorie Agosín
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Writing in Spanish and living in translation.

The Art of Reading Page 123: How Books Saved a Small-Town Alabama Boy

by Randall Curb
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A writer recalls finding solace in books during his awkward teenage years.