March/April 1997


The Wurlitzer Foundation: A Colony for Iconoclasts

by Linda Lightsey Rice
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A writers' retreat near Taos, New Mexico.

Going Public

by Clive Matson
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A poet remembers his first reading.

Katha Pollitt: An Interview

by Heather Stephenson
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The Nation columnist talks about poems, politics, and MFAs.

Poetry Sales Increase: Trend or Temporary Rise?

by Paul Perilli
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Publishers and booksellers see a significant increase in the popularity of poetry.

Edmund White: An American Still in Paris

by Stanley E. Ely
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The author on his biography of French writer Jean Genet.

Publishing With Passion: Farrar, Straus and Giroux Celebrates 50

by Margo Rabb
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FSG's commitment to literature and shrewd business sense.

The Electronic Workshop

by Rick Kempa
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Writers in Wyoming use the Internet to exchange manuscripts and criticism.

Prepress Publishing

by Kevin Breen
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A small press in Kalamazoo promotes promising Michigan writers.

Turning the Jungle Into a Garden: A Visit With Robert Lax

by Michael McGregor
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This poet's quiet life on a Greek island, away from the literary limelight.

An Interview With Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

by Dana Huebler
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The fiction writer and her role in the Filipino community.

"Congratulations! You've Just Won $295,000: An Interview With Octavia E. Butler

by Joan Fry
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Many of this science fiction writer's protagonists are smart, strong-willed black women, like Butler herself.

Lake Filled With Light: In E. M. Forster's Italy

by Don Meredith
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A writer explores Tuscany searching for the quality of light Forster described in Where Angels Fear to Tread and Room With a View.

News and Trends

Erica Jong Endows a Writing Center at Barnard

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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Author Jong ("Fear of Fifty") raised $100,000 for Writing Center at Barnard College

Click to Buy This Book on AOL

by Lorin Stein
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Independent Bookstores Recommend Books on the Web

by Christine Liotta
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New Larry Levis Editors' Prize in Poetry

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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