March/April 1989

Carl Morse and Joan Larkin hope to spark a unique conversation among fellow poets with the anthology Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time.


Turning Family History into Fiction

by Margaret Robinson
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How one writer's family myth moved within reach to tell.

Sexism and the Short Story: A Survey

by Stanley Field
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Is there sexism in the writing world? One writer's survey says yes.

Poetry for People in Missoula, Montana

by Annick Smith
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Poetry touches a communal nerve in a place of mountains, rivers, and plains.

Baiting the Hook

by Gerald Haslam
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For freelancers, writing a good query letter is a vital professional skill.

Not Separate But Distinct

by Staff
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A conversation with Joan Larkin and Carl Morse, editors of and Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time.

News and Trends

Uniform Capitalization Rules Repealed for Writers

by Michael Rothschild
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A new tax law simplifies record-keeping for writers.

Bookmark Puts Writers on Public TV

by David Sacks
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A public television talk show hosted by Lewis Lapham focuses on current books.

Poetry Society Opens Membership

by David Sacks
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New York City–based Poetry Society of America opens its membership to the public.