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Brand New
As an outdoor writer in a niche market, I feel I must market all the time. Frank Bures’s article “Brand You: Questioning Self-Promotion” (January/February 2016) resonated with me. I blog, use social media, speak to almost any group who wants me as long as it’s a group about the outdoors, and talk to local reporters about our parks and forests. I don’t feel as though I’m plugging my books as much as my subject matter. National parks and forests, hiking, and the outdoors are very important to me. That’s why I wrote Forests, Alligators, Battlefields: My Journey Through the National Parks of the South, which comes out early this year, to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial. “The mass e-mail is dead,” Bures writes, but it’s simply been replaced with other marketing tools. Do the new ways of marketing result in more book sales? How can I measure this? Marketing my books gets more people to think about the outdoors, and that’s what really matters to me.
Danny Bernstein

Asheville, North Carolina

"I don’t want to be a brand. I want to be a person. I want to be a writer.” Frank Bures from “Brand You” in the current issue of @poetswritersinc.
Sylvia Petter


Fractures Through Twitter
@poetswritersinc, thanks for putting this roundup of debut poets together (“Fractures Through Time: Our Eleventh Annual Look at Debut Poets” by Dana Isokawa, January/February 2016) and asking good questions. It’s a helpful resource.
Emil Handke


Great list of debut #poets to add to your list! #amreading #poetry @poetswritersinc
C. Alderman


I really enjoyed reading about these debut poets from @poetswritersinc.
King Grossman


Inspired Impressions
After many years of writing, but barely getting anything published, I was ready to give up, until I received the January/February 2016 issue of Poets & Writers. I always check the Deadlines section first. Thank you!
Robert Wadsworth

Plainville, Indiana

The current issue of @poetswritersinc looks fabulous—a perfect way for an #amwriter to start 2016! Great articles, inspiration, contests, and more.
Leslie Einhaus


“Even if we reach just one single soul, we are being given an opportunity to create something bright in all this darkness.” —@KevinLarimer
Jeannine Atkins


What a moving editor’s note, @KevinLarimer, in latest Poets & Writers mag. Thank you and P&W for all you do to create meaning through #writing.
Tracy Strauss


Kind Critic
Psyched to be reading Poets & Writers’ interview with @michaelschaub (Reviewers & Critics by Michael Taeckens, January/February 2016), insightful literary critic, kind & funny person.
Barbara J. King