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A Means to an End
In Michael Szczerban’s latest installment of Agents & Editors (March/April 2015), Jennifer Joel hit the nail on the head: The point of writing is to be read. Publishing is a means to that end. I would add that it is the writer’s responsibility to find his or her readers. I don’t mean that writers must become publicists, but we are wise if we understand that supporting the promotional efforts of our publicists, publishers, and agents helps us find our readers. And we poets often must take matters into our own hands through readings, social media, self-publishing, writers collectives, and teaching. Also, independent bookstores play an increasingly important role in connecting writers and readers. Through author events, staff recommendations, book tables, and shelf positioning, they are providing a much-needed service to both readers and authors.
Excerpted from a comment on pw.org by Eamelino

From Twitter:

Just read the piece on Jennifer Joel in @poetswritersinc. She’s a force. #inspiragent
Melissa L. Edwards

Agent wisdom, on authors: “If you believe in their dreams, this is not just a job.” Jennifer Joel in @poetswritersinc
Carly Watters

“Everything becomes more interesting the more you learn about it.” Some #reading #inspiration via @poetswritersinc
Karie Luidens

More Room
I was intrigued by Joshua Bodwell’s article “The Telling Room” (March/April 2015). I live in Portland, Oregon, where there is a similar nonprofit, the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Its outreach program includes youth, but is also open to adults. It hosts a two-semester certificate program in DIY publishing, which is now in its sixth year. It’s so nice to hear about other cities with similar literary initiatives. Empowering people to use their words to tell stories, find meaning, and overcome hardship is a great asset to cultural life.
Excerpted from a comment on pw.org by KKatz

The Goats Know
I can’t stop thinking about Ben Percy’s piece in @poetswritersinc (“Feckless Pondering: Emotional Beats and the Art of Repose,” January/February 2015). I struggle all the time with plot placement...and navel gazing.
Anthony Beneventano

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

An Inspired Gift
I have been moved to write and tell you how much Poets & Writers Magazine means to me. It gives me the experience of insights, personalities, and perspectives that I would never otherwise have a chance to see. It fills me with vibrant energy and inspiration in a world otherwise generally devoid of such luxuries. I want to thank you deeply for that. My first subscription was bought for me years ago by my late grandmother Hazel. I think it’s the best gift she could have given me: the gift of creative inspiration.
Nathan Alexander Moore
Oshkosh, Wisconsin