Kelly Cherry

1148 Swain Road
Halifax, VA

Author's Bio

I have have published 27 books of poetry, fiction, criticism, memoir, and essay, 10 chapbooks, and translations of two classical dramas. QUARTET FOR J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER: A POEM (in shorter poems), TEMPORIUM: FICTIONS, and BEHOLDER'S EYE: POEMS were published in 2017. L.S.U. Press published my full-length collection of poems, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF POETRY, in 2013. I have several other books—fiction, poetry, and nonfiction—in progress.

Publications and Prizes

A Kelly Cherry Reader
(Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2015)
, A Kind of Dream
(University of Wisconsin Press, 2014)
, Augusta Played
(Louisiana State University Press, 1998)
, Death and Transfiguration
(Louisiana State University Press, 1997)
, Girl in a Library: On Women Writers and the Writing Life
(BkMk Press-UMKC, 2009)
, God's Loud Hand
(Louisiana State University Press, 1993)
, Hazard and Prospect: New and Selected Poems
(Louisiana State University Press, 2007)
, History, Passion, Freedom, Death, and Hope: Prose about Poetry
(University of Tampa Press, 2005)
, In the Wink of an Eye
(Louisiana State University Press, 2004)
, Lovers and Agnostics
(Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1995)
, My Life and Dr. Joyce Brothers:A Novel in Stories
(University of Alabama Press, 2002)
, Natural Theology
(Louisiana State University Press, 1987)
, Relativity: A Point of View
(Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2000)
, Rising Venus
(Louisiana State University Press, 2002)
, Sick and Full of Burning
(Viking, 1974)
, Temporium: Fictions
(Press 53, 2017)
, The Exiled Heart
(Louisiana State University Press, 1991)
, The Lost Traveller's Dream
(Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1984)
, The Retreats of Thought: Poems
(Louisiana State University Press, 2009)
, The Society of Friends: Stories
(University of Missouri Press, 1999)
, Twelve Women in a Country Called America
(Press 53, 2015)
, We Can Still Be Friends [my title: American Minuet]
(Soho Press, 2003)
, Welsh Table Talk
(Book Arts Conservatory, 2004)
, Writing the World
(University of Missouri Press, 1995)
Antigone, in Sophocles 2, ed. Slavitt
(University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999)
, Seneca: The Tragedies, Vol. II, ed. Bovie and Slavitt
(Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995)
Atlantic Monthly, Commentary, Ms. Magazine, Poetry
An Other Woman
(Somers Rocks Press, 2000)
, Benjamin John: A Poem
(March Street Press, 1993)
, Conversion
(Treacle Press, 1979)
, Physics for Poets
(Unicorn Press, 2015)
, Songs for a Soviet Composer
(Singing Wind, 1980)
, The Globe and the Brain: On Place in Fiction
(Talking River, 2006)
, The Poem: An Essay
(Sandhills Press, 1999)
, Time out of Mind
(March Street Press, 1994)

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Creative Nonfiction Writer, Fiction Writer, Poet
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Adults, Seniors
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Baton Rouge
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Richmond, VA
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