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“I never go searching for inspiration to write, especially when it comes to short stories; if I’m not moved to write I create in some other way, like drawing or painting or designing botanical arrangements. When I feel that smack that says write, these visual creations often inform my descriptions, characters, and topics. Years ago I was thrilled to learn that one of my favorite writers, Elizabeth Bishop, had also painted, and I received a book of these paintings titled Exchanging Hats. They are spirited, loving homages to scenes and spaces of her life, including a whimsical ‘E. Bishop’s Patented Slot Machine’ that makes me giggle every time I look at it and reminds me to try to add a bit of play into everything I create.”
Kate Hill Cantrill, author of Walk Back From Monkey School, (Press 53, 2012)



Nature inspires me to write

I have a love for October skies... by watching the ocean and moonlight, I am inspired to write the vibrations that I feel...

Art Museums

I like what you are saying here. Writers are often also artists in other mediums. Experience in any one area informs all the others.