Just Like Jiffy Lube: Borders Wants Customers to Watch TV


In an effort to expand its entertainment offerings, Borders recently installed televisions in sixty of its bookstores, the New York Times reported today. Two thirty-seven-inch television screens in each store broadcast advertisements, news, weather, and original programming under the moniker Borders TV. Two hundred and fifty additional stores are scheduled to receive the service by the end of February 2008.

George L. Jones, CEO of the Borders Group, said that Borders TV is "part of a master plan to create content that will do several things" for the company, such as publicizing the Borders Web site and creating "cross-promotional deals with large media companies." Jones said that the televisions are "not designed to be intrusive" and that Borders TV is "another way to bring knowledge and entertainment" to browsing customers.

Borders is working on the project with Ripple, a company that broadcasts news and other information on televisions installed in public areas, and garners content from the New York Times, CBS, and E! Entertainment Television. Ripple also provides service to Jack-in-the-Box restaurants and Jiffy Lube stores.