July/August 2000

July/August 2000

Novelist Richard Powers talks about how technology has changed his writing, the importance of fiction in the digital age, and his seventh book, Plowing the Dark.


Richard Powers: On the Novel in the Digital Age

by Jefferson Hendricks
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A profile of novelist Richard Powers.

Heidi Julavits: On the Eve of Her First Novel

by Mary Gannon
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A profile of Heidi Julavits.

David Wong Louie: Traveling the Distance Between Fathers and Sons

by Cheryl Pearl Sucher
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A profile of David Wong Louie.

Dave Eggers: And His Calculatingly Intuitive Response to Some Sincerely Cagey Questions

by Fran Gordon
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A profile of Dave Eggers.

News and Trends

Consortium & SPD: Partners Online

by Jodie Ahern
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The partnership of Consortium and Small Press Distribution aims to benefit indie publishers, booksellers, authors, and readers.

Electronic Rights Battle Continues

by Tom McInerny
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Freelance writers pursue legal action against major news companies benefiting from sales of articles to electronic databases.

The Cosmology of Anthologies

by Kevin Larimer
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Anthologies spotlight young American poets to watch.

Three Journals Mark Milestones

by Christina Davis
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Passages North, the Prose Poem, and Shenandoah celebrate anniversaries.

The Practical Writer

Adventures Overseas: Export Advice on Publishing Your Novel

by Richard Zimler
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An author publishes his novel abroad before a U.S. publisher takes interest.

The Literary Life

The Mystery of Consciousness: A Tribute to the Poet Edgar Bowers

by Dick Davis
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Despite their usual lack of overt emotion, Bowers's poems can be heart-wrenching, profoundly moving in ways that flashier verse can never approach.

Metromania: A Pride of Independents

by Chris Stroffolino
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Amiri Baraka and Harold Bloom share an emphasis on content and character.