July/August 1995

The popular appeal of poetry on public transport; a profile of Lucien Stryk; the NEA is necessary; and more.


Jane Kenyon (1947-1995)

by Jane Kenyon and Galway Kinnell
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A tribute in verse.

Necessary Beauty and the NEA

by R.T. Smith
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An Alabama poet believes that the National Endowment for the Arts should be funded because it helps the curious person discover the arts.

When Worlds Combine: The Evolution of a Television Series on Poetry

by Vicki Karp
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"The Language of Life With Bill Moyers" features 18 poets filmed at the 1994 Dodge Poetry Festival.

Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself

by Kenzaburo Oe
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In 1994 Nobel Lecture, the novelist speaks about power of art to heal individuals and countries.

A Profile of Lucien Stryk

by Susan Porterfield
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At 71, after traveling the world and publishing more than 30 books, the Zen Buddhist poet Lucien Stryk continues to learn about himself and his art.

The Popular Appeal of Poetry on Public Transport

by Melody Davis
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A survey finds that almost everyone in New York City subways appreciates poetry placards.

News and Trends

NEA Faces Abolition This Fall

by Jane Ludlam
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Congress is working on legislation that could effectively end federal arts funding by October 1.

LitNet Adds 12 New Sponsors

by Tracy Marx
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The Literary Network established to defend freedom of expression adds 12 new sponsors.

Robert Hass Appointed Poet Laureate

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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Hass succeeds Rita Dove as poet laureate of the United States.

Tune in to "Writers World"

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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In April, the Voice of America, the international radio service of the United States Information Agency, broadcasted the first series of interviews with writers hosted by poet Rose Styron.