July/August 1989

Is Philadelphia a new literary mecca? What's better than television, more exciting than baseball? This issue is devoted to probing these questions, and more.


Philadelphia: Literary Mecca?

by Kimmika L. H. Williams
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Grassroots reading series and workshops have sprung up, providing a working outlet for emerging poets and fiction writers.

The Nobel Lecture: Art Is Generous and Sympathetic

by Naguib Mahfouz
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The acceptance speech of the recipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Literature.

How I Won the Nobel Prize (for Naguib Mahfouz)

by Kennett Love
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How one writer helped a fellow author to get his works translated—and ultimately to win the Nobel Prize.

How to Start a Reading Series

by Janis Williams
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This article, along with the profile of the Shaker Museum readings, begins a series on organizing and giving readings.

Better than TV, More Exciting Than Baseball—The Shaker Museum Reading Series

by Debby Mayer
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A writer devotes energy, emotion, and "days of unpaid labor" to start a successful reading series in upstate New York.

News and Trends

Poetry Software Maps Out Rhymes

by David Sacks
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Poetry Processor software, developed by Paris Review contributing editor Michael Newman, maps out poetic forms.

Writers' Room Opens in Boston

by David Sacks
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A community writing space opens up in Boston's cultural district.