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“Make a tiny book! At least once a year I write something quickly, in one day—a list poem or found-text piece—arrange it in sections, print, cut, stack the pages, staple, and make a handful of copies.

I give one away immediately. It's not about showcasing my writing; it is about the playfulness of ungroomed surfaces and the intimacy of a gift.

“The poem ‘Thinking a kite’ from my book Torchwood began this way. But the point is to act without thinking of a result beyond your tiny book. This act of bookmaking is a writer's tradition: from literatura de cordel in Brazil to the Dusie Press Kollektiv. Check them out!”
Jill Magi, author of Threads (Futurepoem, 2007)

Photo credit: Jill Magi



During this past year, I have enjoyed making small/tiny books. What a great way to place and to share some favorite words and text!