January/February 1999

January/February 1999

The poet Ai, who has often melded poetry with dramatic monologue—most recently in her collection Vice—makes a foray into fiction.

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Imaginative Empathy and the Poet Ai

by Steven Wingate
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This multiracial poet keeps homesteading new turf.

Fancydancer: A Profile of Sherman Alexie

by Susan Berry Brill De Ramirez
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A writer from Indian country takes the floor.

At Home in the World: A Profile of Caryl Phillips

by Sandy Asirvatham
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Imagination is his passport.


Being Is Imagining

by Michael McGregor
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Imagination, as defined by such writers as Joyce, O'Connor, and Coleridge.

Writing Across Boundaries

by Greg Garrett
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Do writers have the right to depict people radically different from themselves?


by Brian Bouldrey
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Queer literature is revitalizing, and it doesn't have to be limited to gay writers.

Jewish Imagination Before and After the Holocaust

by Cheryl Pearl Sucher
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A historical look at Jewish literature.

How the Novel Imagines Us

by Roger Gathman
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The evolution of the novel from its nineteenth-century standard version to present.

News and Trends

Poets for Hire

by Christina Davis
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Growing appreciation of poetry in corporations.

Financial Woes Close Journal

by Ruth Ellen Kocher
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American Short Fiction journal closes its pages for good.

Writing the Waves

by Barbara Demarco Barrett
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Bookworm, a nationally syndicated radio show about literary writing.

Reading by Numbers

by Aimee Liu
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How Amazon ranks every title sold.

The Practical Writer

So You Want to Start a Literary Magazine? Seven Steps to Lit-Mag Mania

by Dennis Held
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Seven tips for starting a literary magazine.

Amy Holman's Tough-Love Guide to Publishing: Grants and Fellowships

by Amy Holman
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Treat your writing as a profession so that others will take you seriously.

A Writer's Counsel: Contract Negotiation

by Alan J. Kaufman
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An overview of important publishing contract terms.

The Literary Life

Mid-List Crisis

by Bret Lott
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Lott muses on his success and failure; realizes that writing is its own reward.

The Art of Reading James Baldwin

by Dan Wakefield
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Following James Baldwin's example: writing honestly and from experience.