January/February 1996

Joanna Scott, recent winner of a MacArthur fellowship, discusses how she weaves history into fiction.


For Love and Money: The Politics of Solitude

by Alix Kates Shulman
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A writer balances two extremes—the solitary life on a Maine island without a road, plumbing, or electricity, and the engaged life of an urban writer.

The Poetry Society of America: For Poets Everywhere

by Melinda Corey
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The oldest poetry organization in the country offers many programs for poets and poetry readers.

An Interview With Robert Olen Butler

by Michael Kelsay
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The Pulitzer Prize–winning author talks about his overnight resurrection—from failed short story writer to award-winning novelist.

Horizontal Lines to Other Worlds: An Interview With Kenzaburo Oe

by Bill Vourvoulias
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Although popular, productive, and known as "the moral conscience of Japan," this Nobel laureate has threatened to quit writing several times during his long career.

An Interview With Joanna Scott

by Paul Perilli
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The recent winner of a MacArthur fellowship discusses how she weaves history into fiction.

To Whom Can We Turn?

by Kenny Fries
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Small grants and interest free loans are available to professional writers in dire financial need.

Yield to Whim: The Djerassi Resident Artists' Program

by Alice K. Boatwright
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One of the oldest artists' colonies in California encourages the avant-garde.

News and Trends

NEA Restructures Under Budget Cuts

by Jane Ludlam
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NEA restructures after after 40 percent reduction in funding due to bill crafted in House and Senate

Poetry Month, A New Chancellor, and New Prizes at Academy

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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Academy of American Poets announce April as National Poetry Month and elect Maxine Kumin as chancell

Poets & Writers to Host Publication Seminars

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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The Information Center offers three new publication seminars about the literary marketplace

PBS to Air Poetry Video Series

by Jim Andrews
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Joshua Blum and Bob Holman create "The United States of Poetry"—a five-part film series

The Hasty Papers to be Relaunched

by Patricia J. Chui
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Artist Alfred Leslie revives his literary magazine the Hasty Papers from 1960