January/February 1995

Dorothy Allison talks about her biting point of view in Bastard Out of Carolina and her latest book, Skin.


The Writers of Oxford Mississippi

by John B. Kachuba
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Thirty years after William Faulkner's death, writers still gather in his hometown.

New Chinese Literature

by Judy Polumbaum
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As the marketplace confounds the censors, innovative Chinese writing is colliding with state-sanctioned storytelling.

Bonfired by the Vanities

by Marcia Biederman
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Despite lawsuits and criminal investigations, authors pay expensive vanity presses to publish their books.

Novelist Out of Carolina

by E.J. Graff
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Dorothy Allison talks about her biting point of view in Bastard Out of Carolina and her latest book, Skin.

An Interview With Luis J. Rodriguez

by Aaron Cohen
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Gangs, labor, and the literary life in East L.A. shaped the author of Always Running.

The Only Mzungu Afoot: In Search of Maria Thomas's Dar Es Salaam

by Don Meredith
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A writer travels to Tanzania's principal city, Dar es Salaam, where late Maria Thomas set novel, Antonia Saw the Onyx First.

News and Trends

NEA Ends Grants for Local Writers

by Jane Ludlam
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The National Endowment for the Arts eliminates grants to local organizations that regrant individuals.

Congress Fails to Pass Home Office Deduction Act

by Marsha Talcin
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Writers decide whether to risk taking the home office deduction after Congress fails to pass the Home Office Deduction Act.

Black Presses Form Alliance

by Tracy Marx
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The National Association of Black Book Publishers, Inc. has been formed to address issues of concern in the field of black-interest publishing in the United States.

Sarabande Books to Publish Poetry and Fiction

by Amy Callahan
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A group of book lovers in Kentucky launches new press to nurture good writing.

Book Club Buys Small Press Poetry Titles

by Elizabeth M. Kelley
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Quality Paperback Book Club buys two volumes of poetry originally published by Hanging Loose Press: The Business of Fancydancing and The First Indian on the Moon, both by Sherman Alexie.