January/February 1992

A master of the short story, Doris Betts talks about the challenge of the novel.


Is the Air Political Today? Radical Writers in the U.S.

by Jan Clausen
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Jan Clausen responds to recent accusations of political apathy among U.S. writers.

Genre Writing: It's Entertaining, But is it Art?

by Marcia Biederman
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Are genre writers "hacks" or simply commercially savvy? The battle rages over the literary merits of genre fiction.

The Micropress: An Underground Economy of Poetry

by Joel Lewis
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Few are listed in small press directories or put out calls for submissions, but these magazines are read by some of the most serious readers of poetry in the country.

An Interview with Doris Betts

by Laura Alderson
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A master of the short story talks about the challenge of the novel and the problematic pigeon-holing of "southern writers."

News and Trends

Moyer Bell Acquires Small Press Magazine

by Arthur S. Rosenblatt
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Independent publisher Moyer Bell purchases Small Press magazine.

New Quarterly Publishes Short Stories

by Ruth Mayer
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Glimmer Train Stories makes its debut.