January/February 1991


Joe David Bellamy Named NEA Literature Program Director

by Debby Mayer
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"I don't expect it to be an easy job," says Joe David Bellamy of his new post with the National Endowment for the Arts, "but I'm impressed by the opportunities for casing a positive influence."

Agents Seek Writers

by Michael D. Rothschild
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A former IRS agent tells you how to determine your tax status.

On the Writer's Relationship to Justice

by Michael Blumenthal
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What is the moral responsibility of the writer?

Retreat to Altos de Chavon

by Marisella Veiga
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A look at an artists colony in the Dominican Republic.

Politically Correct Language

by William Greenway
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"Our language is being scrutinized like never before, and it is changing, not organically, but politically."

News and Trends

NEA Reauthorized: No Content Restrictions

by Elliot Figman
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The 101st Congress approves a bill that extends the life of the National Endowment for the Arts.