Jane Friedman


It seems that every year and more recently, every day, there is a new development that presents a transformation of the publishing world. But the one thing that has and will always remain the same is the importance of writers.

Without writers there would be no books, no best-selling books, no books to download onto an e-reader, no beloved poetry to discuss on Facebook, and no captivating stories to turn into movies. And without an organization like Poets & Writers, authors would not receive the critical support they need to grow and develop their craft.

Throughout my career, I have always said that the one constant thing in publishing is change. But the team at Poets & Writers keeps proving me wrong. Their unwavering dedication to a simple but critical mission—to provide information and guidance to creative writers—has never changed, and their commitment has never faltered. I am proud to be a longtime member of the Board of Directors.

Congratulations to everyone on an incredible 40 years, and here's to the next 40.

—Jane Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Open Road Integrated Media and member of P&W's Board of Directors