HarperCollins Invites Readers to "Browse Inside"


HarperCollins Publishers today introduced a program on its Web site called "Browse Inside," which allows readers to view the first three pages of most chapters in over a hundred HarperCollins titles, including books by Isabel Allende, Michael Crichton, and C. S. Lewis. The publisher plans to expand "Browse Inside," which is similar to Amazon.com's "Search Inside!" program, to all of its books over the next year, allowing readers to access excerpts directly from authors' Web sites, HarperCollins newsletters, and booksellers' retail Web sites.

In a press release announcing the program, Jane Friedman, president of HarperCollins, was quoted as saying, "We want to reach consumers wherever they are, however they wish to experience our authors and their words."

The "Browse Inside" program is a result of the company's decision to begin digitizing its entire library of book and audiobook content late last year.