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!7 books in print. Popular fantasy, adventure, fiction writer. Works include, THE THIEF OF KALIMAR, FOREST WARS, BLACK MIDNIGHT, THE HAVEN. CHOCOLATE LENIN, New for 2012, a satire/thriller set in near future Russia. A highly original tale, humorous, and dealing with contemporary life, Chocolate Lenin provides a new slant on our fast-moving world of technology, science and politics. In 2015 Endeavour Press LTD, UK, contracted six Graham Diamond books for worldwide e-book availability. The entire EMPIRE PRINCESS serie: LADY OF THE HAVEN DUNGEONS OF KUBA THE FALCON OF EDEN THE BEASTS OF HADES plus SAMARKAND SAMARKAND DAWN The novels are under the new imprint, Venture Press LTD, UK. THE HAVEN, Graham Diamond's cult classic, was reissued both in softcover format as well as on Kindle in 2014.

Publications and Prizes

Black Midnight
(Zebra Books, 1989)
, Captain Sinbad
(Fawcett Books, 1981)
, Chocolate Lenin
(Lion Press, 2012)
, Cinnabar
(Fawcett/Ballantine, 1985)
, Dungeons of Kuba
(Playboy Books, 1982)
, Forest Wars
(Lion Press, 1996)
, Lady of the Haven
(Playboy Books, 1978)
, Marrakesh
(Fawcett Books, 1981)
, Marrakesh Nights
(Fawcett Books, 1983)
, Maybe You Will Survive
(Lion Press, 2017)
(Lion Press, 2018)
, Samarkand Dawn
(Playboy Books, 1982)
, Tears of Passion, Tears of Shame
(, 2008)
, The Beasts of Hades
(Playboy Books, 1980)
, The Falcon of Eden
(Playboy Books, 1981)
, The Haven
(Players Press, 1977)
, The Thief of Kalimar
(Fawcett Books, 1980)

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Creative Nonfiction Writer, Fiction Writer
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Manchester, England
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New York City, NY
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