GalleyCrush: Future Feeling

by Staff

Today’s GalleyCrush is Joss Lake’s Future Feeling, forthcoming from Soft Skull Press on June 1, 2021.

Perfect pitch: “An embittered dog walker obsessed with a social media influencer inadvertently puts a curse on a young man—and must adventure into a mysterious dimension in order to save him—in this wildly inventive, delightfully subversive, genre-nonconforming debut novel about illusion, magic, technology, kinship, and the emergent future.”

First lines: “The summons arrived the day after the wedding. Through honeyed dreams, I heard the knock.”

Big blurb: “I devoured this funny, charming book of trans friendships and sly cultural commentary; a story about what truly matters for those of us lost in the maelstrom of identity and media. Here’s how unable I was to put it down: I accidentally dropped it in the toilet, fished it out, and kept right on reading.” —Torrey Peters

Book notes: Paperback, fiction, 304 pages.

Cover credit: Michael Salu, House of Thought.

Author bio: Joss Lake is a trans writer and educator based in New York whose work has been supported by Queens Council of the Arts, Women and Performance Studies Collective, the Watermill Center, and Columbia University. He runs a literary sauna series called Trans at Rest. Future Feeling is his debut novel.