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Poets & Writers in California

On March 6 more than one hundred people gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Poets & Writers in California. When we opened our California satellite office in 1990, it was little more than a post-office box and an answering machine. In the years since, we’ve funded tens of thousands of literary events; hosted informational and community-building meetings; and partnered with literary, civic, and cultural organizations throughout the state to help foster a thriving literary community.

As we gathered at the Last Bookstore to celebrate our first quarter century in the Golden State, a staggering fifty-two writers signed up for the open mic—in addition to the eleven featured readers on the program! Listeners stood among the stacks and peered over the balcony to catch every word. Our thanks to all who participated—and to the funders who make this work possible, especially the James Irvine Foundation, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, and the Friends of Poets & Writers. See more photographs as well as video from the event on our Facebook page,

Photo Credit: Katy Winn