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POETS & WRITERS IS MORE than a magazine. We are a nonprofit organization that puts money directly into the hands of writers who give readings and lead workshops in museums, prisons, homeless shelters, libraries, and senior centers. Your subscription to Poets & Writers Magazine supports the all-important work of cultivating literary activity in urban and rural communities throughout the United States.

The Poets & Writers Community

The Numbers Behind
Our Community in 2010*
Writers who
participated in the
R/W program: 882
Friends of P&W who
made donations of
$35 to $10,000: 997
corporations, and
government agencies
that supported
our programs: 59
Readers of each issue
of Poets & Writers
: 53,600
Advertisers in Poets &
Writers Magazine
and on 1,061
Contributors to
Poets & Writers
: 61
Visitors to 892,592
*numbers based
on fiscal year 2010

Poets & Writers New York City Staff

Poets & Writers California StaffThere are twenty-three people who make up the Poets & Writers staff. But we are just a part of the picture. Poets & Writers is, in fact, a collaboration that involves many others: the reporters, photographers, and other freelancers who contribute to the magazine as well as our subscribers; the growing number of visitors who participate in the ongoing conversation on; the writers who give readings and lead writing workshops supported by our Readings/Workshops (R/W) program and the hundreds of literary organizations that cosponsor those events; the people who serve on our board of directors and volunteer in other capacities; the Friends of Poets & Writers and the foundations, corporations, and government agencies that fund our work, as well as our many advertisers. We are continually inspired by you, and by the writers who continue to craft astonishing poems and to tell captivating stories. We wish you all an inspired 2011!

New York Staff: (left to right) Tim O’Sullivan, advertising director; Victoria Matsui, advertising assistant; Sara Femenella, advertising coordinator; Mary Gannon, editorial director; Kevin Larimer, editor, Poets & Writers Magazine; Catherine Richardson, Diana and Simon Raab editorial fellow; Jean Hartig, associate editor; Bryan Miller, information services assistant; Bonnie Rose Marcus, director, R/W East and Writers Exchange; Nicole Sealey, program manager, R/W East; Elliot Figman, executive director; Alexanne Pemberton, senior accountant; D. Sulaitis, administrative coordinator; Linda Rondinelli, assistant development and marketing director; Melissa Ford Gradel, managing director; Emily Brown, development and marketing associate; Jason Chapman, information technology director; Morgan Rich, information technology assistant. Not pictured: Suzanne Pettypiece, managing editor, and Bill Hayes, director of finance and accounting.

California Staff: (left to right) Cathy Che, Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation R/W fellow; Cheryl Klein, director, California office and R/W West; and Jamie Asaye FitzGerald, program manager, R/W West.

Credit: New York office: Pieter Van Hattem; California office: Stephanie Diani