Frank Giampietro Recommends...

“Lately I’ve been writing poems on my iPhone. But I also like to write poems on Post-it notes and in my trusty sketchbook, too. Writing on various media, not letting myself get comfortable, is very helpful. I also like to send myself off into what I call coffee shop exile. Being in public spaces makes me a little edgy, which is good for my writing.

“Also, if I want to write but can't find a way in, often the best thing I can do is read any old John Ashbery book of poetry. I write almost nothing like him, but reading his work gets me leaping in interesting directions.

“Finally, recently, I’ve been listening to Jack Teagarden’s jazz trombone music while I write. When I play his greatest hits through my headphones while I sip my latte, I can write like a madman.”
Frank Giampietro, author of Begin Anywhere (Alice James Books, 2008)