Five Successful Book Trailers


Just as it's important for aspiring writers to read widely and closely in the genre of their choice, it's equally important to watch videos and trailers for books in that genre and take note of what works and what doesn't. Here are five examples of videos that effectively capture a YouTube viewers' attention.


Atmospheric Disturbances (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008) by Rivka Galchen

Yiddish With Dick and Jane (Little, Brown, 2004) by Ellis Weiner and Barbara Davilman


Soon I Will Be Invincible (Vintage, 2008) by Austin Grossman

"Meg Cabot Talks About Her Elopement" for The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (Morrow, 2008) by Meg Cabot

"Book Launch 2.0" for Head Case (Harper Perennial, 2007) by Dennis Cass