Faux Press Expands, Publishes "Real" Books

by Staff

With the publication of four new titles, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Web publisher Faux Press has expanded its operations to include traditional book publishing.

Before the publication of the new books---Western Capital Rhapsodies by Marcella Durand, On My Way by Eileen Myles, How to Proceed in the Arts by Gary Sullivan, and Memoir 1960-1963 by Tony Towle---Faux Press was known exclusively for its e-texts by poets such as Brendan Lorber, Drew Gardner, Ray DiPalma, and a dozen others. The poetry was published on the press's Web site at www.fauxpress.com/e in 2000.

"The press has entered its 'paper' or 'book' phase," says founding editor Jack Kimball, who teaches in MIT's Writing and Humanistic Studies program and runs MBA communications workshops for the University of Massachusetts.

The majority of titles on the Faux Press lists---both electronic and print---are by writers from the New York area. "This is very much a coincidence," Kimball says. "From the outset my operative procedure has been, like so many others, to seek manuscripts from poets who are based anywhere, who work in a variety of discourse forms, who come from different traditions and generations, who are gay or straight, and so on."

Faux Press books are printed by Van Volumes and distributed by Small Press Distribution. Kimball plans to publish more e-texts in the coming year, followed by four or five more books.

For more information about Faux Press, write to Jack Kimball at jk@fauxpress.com or visit the Web site at www.fauxpress.com