Elissa Goldstein, Brooklyn College


I had always dreamed of living and writing in New York City, so when I started the application process, location was my only criteria. Very quickly, though, I realized that economics and community were extremely important too. I was genuinely shocked by the tuition fees at some of the well-known programs. I also knew that relocating to New York City from Melbourne, Australia (where I grew up and went to university), was going to be emotionally challenging, so a welcoming, supportive, intimate writing community was essential. Brooklyn College was the first program to accept me. Joshua Henkin, the fiction director, positively wooed me—as he did the rest of the students in the program. And all the students I corresponded with while I was making my decision seemed wonderful: supportive, enthusiastic, diverse, community-oriented, and most importantly, passionate about writing. I could tell they were Good People. It was an easy decision in the end. I’m very happy here.