Diane M. Stillwood, The New School


I was looking for a program in New York that respected creative nonfiction; when I explored the various websites, I found The New School's presentation to be inviting and professional, but not so overwhelming as to make the program feel non-inclusive for a commuter student. At their late summer mixer, I got to speak with some former and current students about the specifics of the program. Selecting classes based on the instructor was a challenge at first, but relying on word-of-mouth—and sometimes just personal observation—usually helped me make the right choice. As proof of the program's impact on my career, I have modeled the classes I now teach, as well as the curriculum I use, on the classes I took at The New School. Also, my book-in-progress, "Through a Brick Wall," a memoir of adolescence and disability, started as a three page essay in a workshop class.