Debut Novel to Benefit Nonprofit 826 National

Adrian Versteegh

Author Thomas Nesbit announced this week that he will donate half the earnings from his e-book Deep Fried to the nonprofit 826 National, which runs literacy centers for school-aged children in seven American cities. This is the first such pledge to the organization by a debut novelist.

“I’m deeply inspired by 826 National’s work,” Nesbit said in a press release. Echoing sentiments voiced earlier this year by 826 Valencia founder Dave Eggers, he continued, “If you’re down over the current state of letters, you must check out what’s happening at the seven 826 organizations across the United States. It will change your point of view.”

Nesbit said that the workshops organized by 826 National, in which children write and publish their own materials, encouraged him to release Deep Fried as an e-book. The novel is available for preview and purchase from the online publisher Smashwords. Nesbit’s first book, the critical study Henry Miller and Religion, was published by Routledge in 2007.