Coco Gordon

Lyons, CO 80540-0225

Author's Bio

Latest in Interactiv’ Book series, #15, INTELLIGENCES, for Paul Hawken's Blessed Unrest. I Graduated from Gaia U in 2012 MSc degree in Integrative EcoSocial Design. My new ARTBOX Studio creates new art and bookworks: Papermaking, Poetry, Artist books, Publishing, Exhibitions, Salons & Think-Tanks. My latest publications are: Politically Correct? collaborative book May 2015 with Luc Fierens and myself in Belgium for his Extra PostFluxPost Press & my Water Mark Press distribution; my longpoem, "Towards" appears in, Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change, published July 2015 by Routlege, Informa UK Limited. Last readings were at Innisfree Cafe, Boulder, 2016, and at the Ozarks OACC Congress Sept 2014. In Venice, Italy 2008 I write up 42 interviews of the waters clogged with plastic, and was told by the Waters themselves to make a Water Complimentary Currency, pinned on mistakes humans make with endangered natural systems’ and vital needs. In Venice while in three month Emily Harvey Foundation residency, Rita degli Esposti's edizioninedite, small Buddhist Press published four chapbooks with my poetry and translations, Italian to English: What Opens Stays Forever, Clunk!; Poems for Clunk!; ConfluEssence; and Il Vuoto il Vento La Pioggia, a Buddist anthology including Anne Waldman. Am Co-Chair of The Sustainable Futures Commission, on the EUB board, Lyons CO. Transforming consciousness is my SuperSkyWoman ethic. My ARTBOX Studio doing Salons for artists and writers. Am working on an experimental Memoir-novel from 1996 written at the Djerassi Foundation, + 1988 biographical vignettes from my SKIN book featuring famous friends Ray Johnson, Linda Montano, Tehching Hsieh, Simone Forti, Betsy Damon, Arlene Schloss, Alison Knowles, Barbara T Smith, Sandra Semchuk, Emily Harvey, Claude Maillard.

Publications and Prizes

A Biomass Continuity
(Go If Press, 2004)
, Interactiv' #14 Lyons Creating Champions: A Blueprint for Recovery and Risk Mitigation
(Water Mark Press, 2016)
, Knee (Ginocchio)
(Porto Dei Santi, 2000)
, Politically Correct?
(Water Mark Press, 2018)
, Superskywoman
(Leonardi V-Idea, 1995)
, Tikysk: Permaculture Getting to Know You
(Foot Square Space, 1997)
Oreste 2
(Venice Biennale, 2000)
Eternal Network, New Observations, Pig Iron Press
Prizes Won: 
Susan B Anthony Award 1986

Personal Favorites

What I'm Reading Now: 
The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert
The Stories of Anton Tcheckov by edited by Robert M Linscott
A Bushel's Worth by Kyann Short
Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach
Dreaming the Future by Kenny Ausubel

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Buddhist, Italian American
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Genoa, Italy
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New York City, NY
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