Jonathan Franzen, Erica Jong, and Others

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Inspiring on so many levels

After watching this video, I was reminded of how much I love PW. It matters to me that they care more about informing and educating than about making $$$. I understand how important $$$ is, but when that's the main objective of a magazine for writers, it shows. I know I can trust the content of this magazine, and that matters a lot! Thank you!

importance of P&W

Although I had been a struggling writer for years, writing by hand at my kitchen table late into the night and occasionally winning small prizes and meager recognition, I was not introduced to P&W until I signed up for a workshop at the University of Tennessee. Finding this marvelous support was like opening a treasure chest. Here was access to information about competitions, workshops, techniques, agents,and most of all, moral support.One of the most exciting results of my new connection was having a story on Lee Smith accepted for an issue of the magazine. But the greatest gift P&W has given me was choosing my fiction submission as the 2009 winner of the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Program, which led to a week in New York meeting editors, agents, and publishers, and now, that trip has led to my finding an agent for my novel. Talk about stories with happy endings!