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“Each of my novels has been unlocked by a song. Early on in the first draft I’ll hear a song—often one I’ve already known for a while—and there’ll be a sort of clicking into place, a physical sensation, and just like that I’ll have a much deeper understanding of a character or of the book as a whole. For The Revolution of Every Day it was “Stevie Nix” by The Hold Steady. For my new one, it’s “This Tornado Loves You” by Neko Case. I love that, the way art feeds art. A conversation, all of us in it together.”
—Cari Luna
, author of The Revolution of Every Day (Tin House Books, 2013)


"The way art feeds art

This is a profound meditation. For me, music clears the air so that I can write, but it's often the visual arts that provides the path into and through my poems. Thank you!

Thank for the good reminder,

Thank for the good reminder, Cari. I just saw some fresh art  (visual) at a local college, and I'm all fired up. I'm painting right now (Sunday afternoon), and will get back to writing soon!