Calling All Canadian Carnivores: Burger King Sponsors Poetry Contest


Two weeks ago, global fast food chain Burger King launched a poetry contest. That bares repeating: Burger King is sponsoring a poetry contest. The Meat Haiku promotion, which is open only to Canadian residents, seeks original haikus that celebrate a culinary love of meat. "Share your inner longings and grumblings—even if they are in your stomach," reads the marketing copy on the contest Web site. "Salivating at the sight of meat doesn't make meat-eaters insensitive. Show a deeper side by creating your own haiku poem and share with friends."

The first hundred haikus that were submitted to the contest are in the running for a BK Crown Card worth twenty-five dollars. Even if you don't live in Canada, the Web site ( is worth checking out. Readers can search a database of entries and vote for their favorites. Among the meaty verse chosen by Burger King for its Haiku Hall of Fame is the following, submitted by Amy Paretek:

Everybody knows
You don't make friends with salad
Just do it. Eat meat.