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“The best reason to live in New York City is to discover the endless hidden treasures in its many neighborhoods. Usually three times a week, I drop by my local bookstore, St. Mark’s Bookshop, where I’ll visit old inspirations and find new ones. My favorite walk, which I do about once every two weeks, is a big crooked quadrangle. It spans three boroughs. I start in Manhattan, walking down First Avenue, making a left on Delancey, and crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. Then it’s on through Williamsburg and Greenpoint, over the Pulaski drawbridge to Long Island City, and up to the Queensborough Bridge, then back home. I’ve done endless variations of this: down over the Brooklyn Bridge through Brooklyn Heights, or up to Astoria, Queens, over the Triborough Bridge and over Ward Island, then south. I complete my walks in three or four hours with a head full of ideas and relaxed enough to put them all down.”
Arthur Nersesian, author of Mesopotamia (Akashic Books, 2010)