Afaa Michael Weaver Recommends...


"I assemble things to maintain a place in my creative thinking, a little like stumbling around in the undergrowth of a slightly wild place. I put down markers and listen for sounds and silences. Right now Obama's Dreams From My Father is in a triadic configuration with Graham's The Dream of a Unified Field, and Hass's Time and Materials. I mark my reading with music, from Gregorian chants to hip-hop. A recent article in Wired about dinochickens, reviving dinosaurs by manipulating the DNA of chickens, has my attention. They will be little dinosaurs, creeping on dinosaur mini feet, whispering ‘mee, mee' with swishing tails and tiny webbed feet...and little giant teeth."
Afaa Michael Weaver, author of The Plum Flower Dance (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2007)