Bob 2292

I have been a poet for 55 years and been published in 51 little magazines, the majority of which are defunct.  Never being able to get a book published by a literary press I am going to self publish a book of my poems.  I have been in several poetry workshops over the years and miss their close reading, suggestions, and hearing the unique work of other poets.  I learned so much and have much more to learn.  I have taught Latin and some Greek pro-bono to teens and adults the last 15 years.  

Malden Bridge, NY
United States
New York
Prose Poetry
My publishing/workshop experience: 
Published in literary journal
How I choose to identify myself: 
Dutch American, English American, German American, White
Languages I write or speak in: 
I’m looking for a group that:
Meets Online, Meets In Person.
has a maximum group size of 15.
meets for
Critique, Workshop, Encouragement, Inspiration, Discussion.



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