Writing the Novella

Sharon Oard Warner
Published in 2021
by University of New Mexico Press

This detailed guide is devoted to the craft of the novella, looking at the long history of the form and the nuances of its structure. Sharon Oard Warner, professor emeritus of English and creative writing at the University of New Mexico, leads writers through the characteristics of the novella and how to approach character, plot, and point of view. Throughout the chapters are references to iconic authors, such as Ray Bradbury, Sandra Cisneros, Ted Chiang, Steven King, and Edith Wharton, who have written novellas and serve as inspiration. The book also includes writing prompts, templates for story maps with diagrams and charts, as well as an appendix with book recommendations and places to submit for publication. For any writer looking to start and complete a work of fiction, Warner offers this advice: “Before you write a novel, write a novella.”  

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