One Hundred Frogs: From Renga to Haiku to English

Hiroaki Sato
Published in 1995
by Weatherhill

In One Hundred Frogs, poet and translator Hiroaki Sato guides readers through a detailed history and description of the poetic forms renga and haiku, beginning with the works of renowned Japanese poet Bashō. The first part of the book also explores how the poetic forms evolved, represented by exemplary poems of modern Japanese and Western poets. The book then moves into a discussion on the craft of translating renga and haiku, including an in-depth analysis of one of Japan’s most famous haiku written by Bashō, alongside a compilation of translations and variations of the poem. A short anthology of English-language renga and haiku by contemporary Western poets closes out the book, exemplifying the diversity and appreciation of the two ancient forms. Perfect for poets and translators, or fans of the forms, this instructive volume offers close readings, lessons, and an invitation to learn from an award-winning translator and scholar. 

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