It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences

June Casagrande
Published in 2010
by Ten Speed Press

In this humorous and informative guide, journalist and editor June Casagrande breaks down the semantics of sentences, and explains how words and grammatical constructions relate to each other in logical and artful ways. A meticulous examination of sentence structure, content, and style, this book reveals the building blocks of successful sentences, and how writers can apply this knowledge to their own work. The easy-to-read manual is filled with short chapters and an appendix on grammar, punctuation, and “most incriminating errors” to help writers avoid them. “We all know bad writing when we see it,” writes Casagrande in the introduction. “Understanding the issues that plague it—that plague all our writing—requires thought, time, a grounding in grammar, and the energy to stop and look at the writer’s guiding question: what am I really trying to say?”