In the Tempered Dark: Contemporary Poets Transcending Elegy

Lisa Fay Coutley, editor
Published in 2024
by Black Lawrence Press

In this anthology examining the connection between bodies in grief and bodies of poems edited by Lisa Fay Coutley, over seventy contemporary poets share their elegiac work alongside a micro-essay on their corresponding grief. A wide range of contributors working in a variety of styles and forms are included, such as Ruth Awad, Sandra Beasley, Victoria Chang, torrin a. greathouse, Jay Hopler, Ilya Kaminsky, Diane Seuss, Lynne Thompson, Eric Tran, and Phillip B. Williams. Rather than instruct on how to craft grief poems, this expansive collection seeks to explore the ways in which poets give voice to what is difficult to put into words, and how to grieve and heal through poetry.