Getting to the Truth: The Craft and Practice of Creative Nonfiction

Rae Pagliarulo and Donna Talarico, editors
Published in 2021
by Books by Hippocampus

Inspired by Hippocampus Magazine’s annual creative nonfiction writers conference, this anthology includes craft essays on the writing life, paths to publication, and engagement with an audience. Featuring essays from creative nonfiction writers such as Steph Auteri, Randon Billings Noble, Athena Dixon, and Beth Kephart, this collection covers impostor syndrome, writing strong beginnings and endings, hybrid genres, and the limits of using memory, to name a few topics. The book also includes writing exercises and prompts as well as reading recommendations. Ideal for any writer experimenting with new forms of storytelling and looking to improve their craft, Getting to the Truth offers practical lessons and inspiration from the minds of over twenty contemporary creative nonfiction writers.  

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