Bookworm: Conversations With Michael Silverblatt

Alan Felsenthal, editor
Published in 2023
by Song Cave

Published by the Song Cave and edited by Alan Felsenthal, this collection gathers in print selected interviews from over thirty years of the nationally syndicated radio program Bookworm, hosted by Michael Silverblatt, who Norman Mailer once called “the best reader in America.” The iconic host is known for developing relationships with writers over many years and producing intimate conversations including interviews with David Foster Wallace, who was a frequent guest from 1996 to 2006. Twelve interviews with esteemed writers such as John Ashbery, John Berger, Joan Didion, Carlos Fuentes, Toni Morrison, Grace Paley, and W. G. Sebald are selected in this rare anthology. Filled with passionate conversations and instructive close readings of exemplary texts, this collection provides a close look into the life and craft of some of our era’s most iconic minds.   

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