Alien Nation: 36 True Tales of Immigration

Sofija Stefanovic, editor
Published in 2021
by Harper Via

“New York City is famously packed with immigrants, with stories that span the world,” writes Sofija Stefanovic in the introduction to Alien Nation: 36 True Tales of Immigration. “But being new—in New York or any other place—is complicated. Immigrant stories, like the waters Lady Liberty watches, are deep and complex.” Adapted from the live storytelling series “This Alien Nation,” created and hosted by Stefanovic, this anthology features extraordinary stories told by contributors from varying backgrounds, including authors André Aciman, Alexander Chee, and Siri Hustvedt, as well as actress Laura Gómez and activist Tatenda Ngwaru, among others. Arranged into a rich tapestry of true stories celebrating and exploring the experiences of immigrants in the United States, Alien Nation combines unique perspectives with engaging storytelling. 


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