12 Short Stories and Their Making

Paul Mandelbaum, editor
Published in 2005
by Persea Books

In this anthology edited by Paul Mandelbaum, each short story is accompanied by an interview with the author discussing the challenges they faced during the writing process. Each story is selected not only for its singular style but for its exemplary illustration of one of the six elements of fiction: character, plot, theme, structure, voice, and setting. Included are Ursula K. Le Guin on the Antarctic setting of her short story “Sur,” Gail Godwin on the structure of her short story “Dream Children” and her favorite ghost stories, and Allan Gurganus on the point of view and voice in his short story “Condolences to Every One of Us.” For writers of fiction and readers alike, this unique collection of short stories and interviews will shed light on both the technical and inspirational elements behind crafting great fiction.